New Telegram Marketing Software(Scraper, adder, bulk sender) 2024

by Dev Maverick in Hacks & Tricks on December 5, 2023

Dragon Telegram Tool: Revolutionize Your Telegram Marketing Campaigns

Unlock the full potential of your Telegram marketing efforts with Dragon Telegram Tool, the most powerful software designed for seamless automation on the Telegram platform. Featuring an intuitive interface, this #Digital_Marketing_Tool is your gateway to efficient and effective marketing strategies.

Advantages of Dragon Telegram Tool:

  1. Official API Integration: Every section of Dragon Telegram Tool operates using the official API from Telegram, ensuring reliability and security.
  2. Rapid Number Filtering: Experience the fastest tool for filtering Telegram numbers, thanks to its ability to support filtering from multiple accounts.
  3. Bulk Message Strategies: Employ the most powerful strategies for sending bulk Telegram messages, achieving widespread outreach effortlessly.
  4. Versatile Message Sending:
  • Send Telegram messages by User ID.
  • Send Telegram messages by UserName.
  • Send Telegram messages by User Phone Number.
  • Send Telegram messages with pictures or files.
  • Personalize messages by including the user’s name.
  1. Reduced Blocking Risks: Add randomly generated IDs to each message, reducing the risk of Telegram blocks.
  2. Controlled Delays and Rest Times: Enjoy the flexibility of setting controllable delays and rest times between messages for a more strategic approach.
  3. Group Management:
  • Add members to groups by User ID, UserName, or User Phone Number.
  • Set controllable delays and rest times between adding members.
  • Join different groups from all accounts with a single click.
  1. Member Extraction:
  • Extract members from any group, whether public or secret.
  • Filter extracted members by status (Online, Offline, Recently).
  • Filter extracted members by Join Date to the group.
  • Extract group admins and bots separately.
  1. Multi-Group Operations: Extract multiple groups simultaneously, streamlining your processes.
  2. Message Reading:
    • Read messages in any chat from any account.
    • Seamlessly transfer accounts from the tool to your mobile device.

Extra Features:

  1. Language Support: Dragon Telegram Tool offers an English and Arabic interface for user convenience.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy the easiest interface, as demonstrated in the provided video tutorial.
  3. Data Cleanup: Remove duplicates in data before launching your Telegram campaign.
  4. Contact Management: Save numbers in phone contacts directly from each account.
  5. Comprehensive Reports: Receive a final report for each section and process, ensuring transparency and insights.
  6. Official Support: Stay connected and informed through our official Telegram channel.

Revolutionize your Telegram marketing experience with Dragon Telegram Tool — where power meets simplicity. Elevate your campaigns and achieve unparalleled success.

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