How to get a Temporary Disposable Email

by Dev Maverick in How To on August 18, 2023

Step by step guide on how to get a temporary disposable email for free – Get Temporary email for free

Why do you need a temporary email

If you are like me, you probably have several emails strolling into your inbox every day, not from your Boss or your Teacher, I’m talking about updates, marketing emails, billing reminders, notifications…and definitely Spam. That’s not the only reason to use temporary disposable emails. If you want to hide your identity, or you want to create multiple accounts on the same website, temporary emails are your best option. You may be asking what are temporary emails.

What is a temporary email?

In my own understanding, a temporary email is an email that self-destructs after a set period of time, say for example 10 minutes. Whatever you received in that email is deleted when the email self-destructs. I think you get the point, but in case you haven’t yet, just think of it as your own normal email, but instead of a username and password like you have for  Gmail, You have a time slot to access the email that expires after 10 or 20 minutes. And since the email was just randomized by the computer, there isn’t a way to recover the email(An exception though when you request for a recovery key to access the email later)

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There are many websites that provide temporary emails. They’ll generate a random email that you can use to register for services that require email verification.  When you register using this email, the verification code or link is sent to the temporary email.

To get the code/link, all you need is to go to the website where you got your temporary email and wait for the verification email. You can then verify your email successfully and “cheat” the registration process that the email is your own email address. The email is then destroyed after some time, but if you need to extend the time or need to access the email at a later time, you can do so using the recovery key found in some of the temporary email services.

How to get a Temporary Email

Knowing the importance of using temporary emails is one thing, knowing where to find good and reputable temporary email providers is another. In my time as an internet marketer(Haha..I really I’m), I have come across many temporary email providers. However, today I will show you my two best temporary email providers that I believe are good and offer quality service.

This article should only act as a guide so feel free to test or use any other temporary email provider that you may know about. If you don’t know of any, these two are best to start with.

1. EmailonDeck

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EmailonDeck This is by far my most favorite. The reason being they provide a normal-looking temporary email.  Nobody would ever know that this is even a temporary email because it looks just like a regular email address.

To access Email on Deck, simply go to their website – You can also search on Google using the Phrase “Emailondeck” to get to their website. You’ll be required to fill a Recaptcha in order to get a temporary email. Once you get your email, all you need to do is use it wherever you need to use it and wait for the verification email. You should receive your email in just a matter of seconds depending on where you are registering.

Email on Deck gives you 10 minutes for each email, but you can extend the time or grab the recovery key in case you need to access the same email again. If you wish to get another email, you’ll just need to fill the Recaptcha again and you’ll get another email. So simple, right


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As the name suggests, 10MinutesEmail is another temporary email provider that gives you a temporary email where you can receive activation links or codes.  The reason I love 10MinutesEmail is that they also provide an Edu email for websites that accept students only.  Like EmailonDeck, they’ll also provide you with 10 minutes and an inbox where you can receive an email within 10 minutes.  You don’t need to fill a Recaptcha on this website, You can get a new email just by pressing the delete button and a new email will be provided. To get an edu email, all you need to do is press the delete button a few times until you get a random email with edu extension.

One final thing

It is the age of email marketing, so expect to see more emails in your inbox, (I’m sending my tricks HAHAHA…Leave your email below)You subscribed?  Use the power of temporary emails to register in websites that you only require their services for a short time, or simply to avoid these updates that fill up your inbox. And if you have already used your email to access a free trial, why not use a temporary email to get another trial…that’s up to you though, they said knowledge should be free.

Next time you think about whether to give your email address or not, just use a temporary email.

Do you think you need a temporary email? I would love to see your answer in the comment section below.

And as always, if you found this information helpful, why not share it with a friend, I’ll personally give you a shoutout…I appreciate your share.  Till next time

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