How to access any paid website for free using cookies

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How to use premium cookies to access any paid website for free – Step by step guide on how to use cookies using cookie editor and get access to paid websites for free

What are cookies

Cookies are pieces of code that store the user and browser information.

You have probably come across a website where you were asked to confirm the use of cookies. This is because the international body that regulates internet standards passed a bill that requires every website that collects users’ information to notify users that they are collecting their information. But they won’t tell you they are storing your information so they hide it behind the term cookies.

Have you ever thought about why you always have to click that accept cookies button?

How cookies are used

Apart from the fact that cookies store the user’s data, they also store information about their account details. For example, if you have Netflix Premium Subscription, you could share your cookies with someone else and when they import the cookies into their browser, they will have access to Netflix.

Due to this, this trick is used by many people to share premium accounts. Many premium accounts can be shared by just sharing cookies. They include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, SkillShare, Canva, Envato Elements, Grammarly among many others.

Cookies are created when a user logs in to a website and they are destroyed when the user logs out. This means that if I log in, share my cookies then log out, those cookies will be destroyed when I log out and anyone else who I’d shared the cookies will be logged out. If 10 people are using premium cookies of one premium account and one person logs out, the other 9 will also be logged out.

Is it Safe to use Cookies?

Using Cookies is 100% safe.  The only risk comes in to the owner of the premium account. If the cookies are shared among very many people, some websites will detect this access from multiple locations and automatically log out or block the account. If the account is blocked, the owner of the account will lose the account and will have to purchase a new one. To the person using the cookies, the cookies will not have any harm.

How to use cookies to get Premium Accounts

Cookies are stored in the browser as snippets of code. To share them with someone, you need to install special software that can read the cookies. The most commonly used is called Cookie Editor Browser Extension. You can use this tool to delete, edit, import, and export cookies. In order to share cookies, both the person sharing and the person who wants to use the cookies must install this cookie editor.

To access a premium account, first, you must have working premium cookies. As I said earlier, cookies expire when the account is logged out so you need to get updated cookies of a current logged-in account.

 You can always get Cookie updates on my Telegram channel for Services like Skillshare, Canva, Envato Elements, Netflix, Grammarly and more. You can also get premium cookies from places like youtube, discord, telegram…etc.


To access any website using premium cookies, follow these simple steps

  1. Install Cookie Editor(Chrome Extension). If you are on Android, you must use the Yandex Browser. Once installed, its icon will be added to extensions on the top right corner of the browser.
  2. Download and Copy the premium cookies. Cookies always start with a [ and ends with a ]. Make sure you copy everything from the start to the end. They may be shared via a txt document.You can get working cookies on this website in the cookies category.
  3. Go to the website that you want to access using the cookies. The cookies must be for that website.
  4. Click on the Cookie Editor from extensions and then click on “Delete all“  button to delete existing cookies
  5. Next, click on the import button and paste the premium cookies you copied in step 2. Click on Import to import the cookies.
  6. Reload the browser. If you have working cookies, you’ll have the same access as the person who shared the cookies. If they have premium subscription, you’ll have premium subscription too.
How to use premium cookies to access any paid website for free

NOTE: Apart from logging out, changing other settings of the account may also destroy the cookies in some websites.

There you go, you learned how to get a premium account by using premium cookies. Check out my other tricks to learn how you can get premium accounts for free

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